The best investment you can make is in yourselfWarren Buffett

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If you’re not where you want to be in your career or, for that matter in your life, never let yourself believe change is impossible. Whether you’re fed up with what you’re doing now or you want to change something specific about yourself, you can make a decision to change. 

Anyone who has ever made or broken a New Year’s resolution can appreciate the difficulty in changing their behaviour. Change can be hard, really hard, and when it comes to human behaviour, there is no one size fits all approach.

With normal eveyday behaviour, we can predict a great deal, yet there are times in our lives when circumstances and situations can make a significant impact on our behaviour. While your behaivour is one of the things you have the most control over, many are unaware of how to successfully adapt to change.  

By understanding and being aware of how you react to the various challenges you face in life, you can begin to improve how you respond to situations by recognising the triggers and patterns within you. Investing in ongoing professional development or in one of our team or group training programs, is about investing in yourself, so you can manage yourself effectively, regardless of what life might bring your way. 



Learn effective coaching and mentoring skills, build greater interpersonal skills, identify, support and develop talent, and improve staff retention and engagement.


Understand the buying strategies and decision making process, improve individual ability to succeed under pressure and adopt an effective sales approach.


Build capability to adopt change, manage employee resistance, avoid group-think, and build a continuous improvement culture by investing in new ways of thinking.


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The Recruitment Essentials

Recruiting isn’t an easy job. When it comes to interviewing and hiring the right candidate, you want more then skills and knowledge, you want a cultural fit too. So it’s important to identify the preferred work style of potential candidates and how they are likely to behave in the work environment before you hire them. Learn the different work group styles as I share my behavioural profiling knowledge with you and understand how you can identify these styles during the recruitment process. This workshop is designed to take the guess work out of hiring and to increase your chances of employing the most suitable candidate the first time round!

Managing Workplace Drama

It never fails to surprise me, no matter what industry I work in, to observe and see the impact of workplace drama. From rumour mills and office cliques, to bullying and passive aggressive behaviour, workplace drama is destructive. It often translates into absenteeism, low morale, a negative culture, decreased productivity and profitability, and low customer satisfaction scores. Managing toxic employee behaviour is a difficult task for any leader yet you can break this cycle. This workshop will assist teams to understand and identify their roles associated to workplace drama so you take stpes to avoid unnecessary conflict.

High Performance Thinking

Great people need great leadership no matter what the challenge may be. This workshop has been designed for leaders that want to break away from traditional leadership models and embrace new ways of thinking. We explore the ESIP model, the ultimate thinking model in terms of advanced strategic thinking and leadership development. You will learn effective thinking strategies to determining where your challenges lie, how you make decisions and how your results can be created around your decisions. The ESIP model is a simple framework based on four thinking dimensions that help identify gaps in your thinking and directs you where to focus.

The Secret of Influence

What if you could magically increase your power to influence others? Imagine how it could increase your results and make communication so much easier? Better yet, what if you could influence yourself to achieve even greater success? Imagine the impact that would have on your career and results? The power of influence is elusive yet this life changing ability can be learned and mastered. Enhance your interpersonal skills using behavioural approaches other programs don’t teach. Join us to demystify behavioural patterns so you can fast track your ability to take your professional career and success to the next level!

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Imagine you are driving your car, when from out of nowhere someone recklessly cuts in front of you, causing you to brake quickly to avoid a collision. How would you react? Like many people you would most likely react with a combination of a heavy hand on the horn, a few chosen words of abuse, and/or a flash of your headlights. Your reaction to this situation is a ‘default’ response, an automatic response. How you react and handle your emotions (particularly negative ones) at work is often seen as a measure of professionalism. Improve the quality of your thinking and actions as we explore ways to identify and interrupt your emotional patterns so you can begin to achieve emotional mastery.




  • Rethink

  • Reinvent

  • Reposition

  • Change!