Predictable Behaviour

“Dealing with employee issues can be difficult, but not dealing with them can be worse” Paul Foster

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Let’s face it, managing staff is challenging because people are unpredictable! Every day is reactive, absenteeism occurs, complaints come in, targets are missed, personalities clash, poor performance arises, and miscommunciation causes conflict and confusion. How can you be as effective as you want to be when you spend your management time putting out fires and preventing errors?

Without knowing the four behavioural styles, how can you effectively communicate with your team? How do you motivate and inspire a workforce? How can you let go of micro-management and build trust and autonomy? How do you build succesion plans and promote and develop talent? Simply put, you can’t. So remove that blindfold and take the first step towards understanding your team by first understanding yourself.


Eliminate underperformance


Prevent productivity loss 


Reduce staff turnover 

Download your FREE Leadership Profiling Sample Report



Uncover hidden insights into your team with management, team and work pair analysis reports on leadership styles, team roles, strengths and decision making


Avoid costly recruitment mistakes and hire candidates with the desired behavioural styles and competency strengths that suit your culture and the job tasks


Overcome obstacles that prevent teams from meeting the varying and challenging needs of their job and address absenteeism and change resistance

Download your FREE Leadership Profiling Sample Report


Read about my client’s success stories

We recently engaged Carla to run a session on personality types to my sales, rental and admin teams. I personally found the session both interesting and beneficial as it was relatable to both running a business and performing day to day business with the many different moods of both my staff and our clients. The session also assisted with understanding the different personality groups which my team have been able to apply suited communication techniques in the field to either close more deals or provide a better, more tailored approach to our clients. I would encourage anyone, whether you run a small business or large team to discuss your specific requirements with Carla who will bring value to your team with her knowledge and unique talent.

Adam Natonewski, Director Ray White Real Estate

Our team recently undertook the eDisc workshop with Carla and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The eDisc Profiling allowed our staff to not only have better understanding of their own behaviour style and the behaviour styles of their client base, but also that of their colleagues. This has assisted with smoother communication within the team and brought us closer together with a better understanding of how to interact with each other on a day to day basis. We are now well equipped to provide our clients with relevant information in the most appropriate format for their needs, thus making their transactions more personal and targeted towards their individual personality rather than a bulk approach. If you are looking for a way to increase team morale and whilst having the opportunity to learn how to offer your clients a higher level of service, then this is for you. I would highly recommend completing the eDisc Workshop with Carla. You will not be disappointed.

Megan Rovers, Director Armstrong Real Estate

Download your FREE Leadership Profiling Sample Report


I’ve spent the majority of my career in people management roles. It’s a tough job with lots of uncertainty and responsibility, and pressure to produce consistent team results. Over the years, I’ve made costly hiring mistakes, lost high performing team members, experienced change resistance, and failed to motivate and engage my team to the desired levels. Getting the right team for the job was always a crucial priority for success which doesn’t always mean that’s the team you inherit as a leader! If you’re lucky enough to have the ideal team, then you need to retain them, which makes staff retention and engagement another challenge and business priority. 

It wasn’t until I learnt about the four behavioural styles and started to apply what I know with my team, that I started to see a consistency in team productivity, customer satisfaction and staff engagement results. Very quickly it became a lot easier to predict likely behaviour, and in my last year as a contact centre manager, I achieved 100% staff retention over a 14-month period. That result is unheard of in contact centres where quarterly group recruitment is often scheduled in advance. How did I achieve that? I applied what I learnt from these four behavioural styles and you can too!



Recognise other styles and predict likely behaviour


Map team roles and leverage individual strengths


Understand your leadership behavioural style


Learn to adjust your style to achieve your goals


  • Lead and Manage
  • Recruit and Select
  • Grow and Develop
  • Sales and Service