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“This is to say thank you and well done with your Emotional Intelligence Workshop I attended recently. For a 65 year old Intelligent Successful Self Employed Business Person I consider myself an oldish dog who doesn’t want to learn any new tricks. Well… you taught me a thing or two! If, others out there who think they know it all, be pleasantly surprised and I thoroughly recommend a small investment of your time and don’t miss the opportunity of gaining some really useful gems from Carla.”

 John Morrison, Gold Financial Pty Ltd


“Carla is a great business coach. She helped me to connect with myself on really deep level to see what holds me back in achieving my business goals. I highly recommend Carla service to anyone who would love to learn how to follow the business plan and at the same time to trust unknown and myself.

Kinga Piwowarczyk, Sydney

I worked with Carla over a number of sessions both professionally and personally. I found the tools she made available to me were extremely helpful and I still use them after our coaching sessions have ended. Carla has a way of enabling you to identify and communicate your emotions some of which you may have suppressed for years. She does this is an extremely unobtrusive and subtle way, leaving you to think you have done this all on your own! Only later on do you realise the real power Carla has, getting you to identify and communicate with yourself. My sessions with Carla were invaluable and have helped me view both my business and my personal life through entirely new eyes.

Carli Setchell, Geelong

I was asked to plan and run a “Careers Day” for the Year 10 students at Lorne P-12 College. Carla offered to become a part of the program and then delivered a superb segment built around teaching the students to identify the strengths required to go into the various vocations. Her manner was extremely professional, yet friendly and relaxed. I was so impressed with her knowledge base and the way she kept a group of students she had never met, quite spellbound. Carla has moved to the Surf Coast and is an invaluable resource for any school or group looking to help provide sound advice and pathways into the workforce”

Tony Speed, Student Manager Lorne P-12 College

What I loved most about working with Carla over a number of sessions on both a personal and business perspective is her ability to gently be directive. She has an amazing ability for you to make changes on a subtle level but with truly lasting impact. I would highly recommend Carla for those who are looking to be successful and see the possibilities available to you. She has a supportive, friendly and embracing nature that encourages you to connect on a deeper level with yourself.

Leanne Costantino, Sydney

Before I started my Coaching sessions with Carla I was feeling incompetent in my work environment at tasks and skills that I’ve had for over 10 years and previously wouldn’t have given a second look at this. When a certain person would question my work and in their way of communicating I would take this personally and allow it to ruin my day and very quickly I wanted to check out of my current job that I had only just started and was losing sight of the bigger picture as to why I was there. After my first session with Carla we were able to use the Extended DISC profile tools which enabled me to have the language to speak to this person who was the total opposite of my profile and I started to notice that I could handle my situation a little, however the feelings I had were still there. By my third session we discovered this was a pattern I had been playing out for a very long time and through deep intervention and after completing the coaching session I now feel empowered and confident in myself again. The events itself hasn’t change, the people around me continued to question and be the way they are, what has changed is me, my internal world and how I handle myself. The feelings are no longer there and I have noticed I respond differently and back myself a lot more which results in a more empowering conversation and better outcomes. I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Carla Egan to anyone who wants to gain tools that they can use personally and professionally to improve all aspects of their life and clarity of self.

Frederique Lebrasse, Melbourne

We recently engaged Carla to run a session on personality types to my sales, rental and admin teams. I personally found the session both interesting and beneficial as it was relatable for both running a business and performing day to day business with the many different moods of both my staff and our clients. The session also assisted with understanding the different personality groups which my team have been able to apply suited communication techniques in the field to either close more deals or provide a better, more tailored approach to our clients. I would encourage anyone, whether you run a small business or large team to discuss your specific requirements with Carla who will bring value to your team with her knowledge and unique talent.

Adam Natonewski, Director Ray White Real Estate