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Engaging Gen Z’s

I help business owners and people leaders attract, engage and retain the latest generation currently entering the workplace – the Gen Z’s.  The Gen Z’s are post Millennials (Gen Y’s) and are commonly referred to as digital natives.


Engagement techniques


Career mapping


Recruitment approaches


Compensation packages


Retention strategies


Workplace culture


Talent acquisition and retention challenges are evolving as the latest generation enters the workplace. This generation comes with their own unique attitudes, behaviours and characteristics that differ from other generations. Knowing what makes Gen Z’s different will allow you to adapt new strategies and blend the various generations into your business. 


Born 1965-1980

Being independent thinkers, they value autonomy and are skilled at problem solving, creative thinking and getting results


Born 1981-1995

With an ability to adapt quickly to change, fast paced environments and team collaboration are important career considerations


Born 1996-2015

The masters at juggling, they are ambitious, fluent in technology, and will be attracted to businesses that offer meaningful work

We assist leaders build new levels of team collaboration, communication, innovation, and trust among team members where generational gaps exist


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Our team recently undertook the eDisc workshop with Carla and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The eDisc Profiling allowed our staff to not only have better understanding of their own behaviour style and the behaviour styles of their client base, but also that of their colleagues. This has assisted with smoother communication within the team and brought us closer together with a better understanding of how to interact with each other on a day to day basis. We are now well equipped to provide our clients with relevant information in the most appropriate format for their needs, thus making their transactions more personal and targeted towards their individual personality rather than a bulk approach. If you are looking for a way to increase team morale and whilst having the opportunity to learn how to offer your clients a higher level of service, then this is for you. I would highly recommend completing the eDisc Workshop with Carla. You will not be disappointed.”

Megan Rovers, Director Armstrong Real Estate

“The Board of Lifeline Geelong Barwon Region would like to sincerely thank you for your recent contribution of conducting your Leadership Training Course to our staff. By all accounts the training was of value to all that attended and will assist our staff in not only handling situations with staff and customers, but also to help them to mature into better leaders. I would like to personally thank you again on behalf of our board, for your contribution and efforts in making Lifeline Geelong a better place for our staff and customers.”

Joe Crosbie, Board Chair Lifeline Geelong

“The most basic human desire is to feel like you belong. Fitting in is important” Simon Sinek


One of the fastest growing leadership challenges is knowing how to engage, grow and develop an ageing and multigenerational workforce.

Nowadays as the gap between the youngest and oldest employees grows, so does the need to apply a more flexible management approach that addresses the needs of each generation.

To bridge this gap and to overcome the negative stereotype views that exist, I work with people leaders to build a deeper level of understanding between the generation differences.  

My focus is specifically on the latest generation entering the workforce – the Gen Zs.

We look at the potential impact this generation will have on your business and team culture, how you will need to adapt the traditional recruitment methods, refine your communication and engagement strategies, and address and plan for their various workplace and job expectations.


Executive Masters in Business Administration


Certified Meta Dynamics™ Facilitator


Accredited Practitioner of Extended Disc®


Recognised Professional Master Coach