“For many people, one of the most frustrating apsects of life is not being able to understand other people’s behaviour”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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The rate of change in today’s workplace is accelerating. Whether it’s a shift in organisational structure, responding to market conditions, the introduction of new technology, products or services, or a culture change, we all need effective strategies to cope. Unfortunately change often happens before we can mentally prepare and this can mean transitioning through periods of stress and uncertainty for teams. 

Not knowing how to deal with challenges in your team can sometimes be frustrating and stressful. If your team is experiencing low morale, poor engagement, high turnover or not achieving desired results, you may be missing the opportunity to bring about lasting behavioural change. 

We assist leaders to build new levels of collaboration, communication, innovation, and trust among team members where teamwork has diminished. Explore our coaching services, training programs and behavioural profiling services which are at the core of understanding the factors that influence human behaviour.


Increase self-awareness


Invest in new ways of thinking


Transition into personal mastery



Develop greater self-awareness, unlock team potential and eliminate what’s been holding teams back from achieving their goals.


Identify and understand your teams behavioural styles and learn how to leverage your own natural behavioural style.


Invest in development and education on new and innovative ways of thinking to prepare teams to meet the varying and challenging needs of work.

“Dealing with employee issues can be difficult,
but not dealing with them can be worse” 
Paul Foster


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“We recently engaged Carla to run a session on personality types to my sales, rental and admin teams. I personally found the session both interesting and beneficial as it was relatable for both running a business and performing day to day business with the many different moods of both my staff and our clients. The session also assisted with understanding the different personality groups which my team have been able to apply suited communication techniques in the field to either close more deals or provide a better, more tailored approach to our clients. I would encourage anyone, whether you run a small business or large team to discuss your specific requirements with Carla who will bring value to your team with her knowledge and unique talent”

Adam Natonewski, Director Ray White Real Estate

“I was asked to plan and run a “Careers Day” for the Year 10 students at Lorne P-12 College. Carla offered to become a part of the program and then delivered a superb segment built around teaching the students to identify the strengths required to go into the various vocations. Her manner was extremely professional, yet friendly and relaxed. I was so impressed with her knowledge base and the way she kept a group of students she had never met, quite spellbound. Carla has moved to the Surf Coast and is an invaluable resource for any school or group looking to help provide sound advice and pathways into the workforce”

Tony Speed, Student Manager, Lorne P-12 College

“Carla’s insights into HR management, negotiation and human patterns were invaluable in helping me shape positive outcomes with both clients and staff. Highly recommend.”  Laura Walsh


Carla Egan is a behavioural profiler, coach and facilitator and has spent the majority of her career leading individuals and teams through small and significant change. Carla commenced her business from a genuine passion of wanting to share her management experience and knowledge to assist leaders successfully navigate their teams through change. 

Combining coaching techniques, mentoring and behavioural profiling skills, Carla develops greater team awareness, enhances individual performance, and removes barriers that can contribute to group-think, workplace conflict and employee resistance.

“We are passionate about working with leaders and their teams who are looking for specific tools, methodologies and systems to enhance teamwork and improve on existing results. We would be delighted to explore where our services can potentially add value and we look forward to hearing from you.”  



Member of the International Coach Guild


Certified Meta Dynamics™ Coach and Facilitator


Recognised Professional Master Coach


Accredited Practitioner of Extended Disc®


  • Rethink

  • Reinvent

  • Reposition

  • Change!