“Every workplace has some behaviour they need to change. Our mission is to help you recognise and influence the behaviours that are not aligned to your values, culture, goals and priorities”  Carla Egan


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behavioural change in teams

Have you heard the saying ‘a leopard can’t change its spots?’

It’s a phase that suggests it’s impossible to change who we are no matter how hard we try. As a coach I believe that we can all change if we have the incentive to do so.

Take for example, Peter an uber driver who has tried unsuccessfully to give up smoking for 18 years. Yet he was able to give up immediately after seeing his two year old son mimic him smoking.

This story is a powerful example of what can be achieved when our current thinking is challenged in a way that invites new possibilities and alternative options. Unfortunately, many of us are not taught how to think and you probably spend very little time reflecting on the way you think.

That’s why we start all our programs with how you think.

We introduce your team to a proven four dimensional thinking model to first benchmark their thinking and behaviour. We then identify where the gaps lie and we utilise a range of tools and group work to shift attitudes and facilitate the desired behavioural change.   


Identify thinking styles


Increase team autonomy


Attract the best people


Build team reflection capacity


Unlock individual potential


Develop sustainable resilience



Incorporate coaching to address groupthink behaviour and leadership reliance to create a solution driven and outcome based team.


Utilise behavioural profiling tools to resolve underlying conflict and strengthen existing relationships to unlock team and individual potential.


Invest in team training and workshops to build and foster a culture of mutual trust, respect and accountability that inspires greater team colloboration.

“We assist leaders build new levels of team collaboration, communication, innovation, and trust among team members where teamwork has diminished”  Carla Egan


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Our team recently undertook the eDisc workshop with Carla and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The eDisc Profiling allowed our staff to not only have better understanding of their own behaviour style and the behaviour styles of their client base, but also that of their colleagues. This has assisted with smoother communication within the team and brought us closer together with a better understanding of how to interact with each other on a day to day basis. We are now well equipped to provide our clients with relevant information in the most appropriate format for their needs, thus making their transactions more personal and targeted towards their individual personality rather than a bulk approach. If you are looking for a way to increase team morale and whilst having the opportunity to learn how to offer your clients a higher level of service, then this is for you. I would highly recommend completing the eDisc Workshop with Carla. You will not be disappointed.”

Megan Rovers, Director Armstrong Real Estate

“The Board of Lifeline Geelong Barwon Region would like to sincerely thank you for your recent contribution of conducting your Leadership Training Course to our staff. By all accounts the training was of value to all that attended and will assist our staff in not only handling situations with staff and customers, but also to help them to mature into better leaders. I would like to personally thank you again on behalf of our board, for your contribution and efforts in making Lifeline Geelong a better place for our staff and customers.”

Joe Crosbie, Board Chair Lifeline Geelong

“Unfortunately change often happens before we can mentally prepare and this can mean transitioning through periods of stress and uncertainty for teams”  Carla Egan


Carla Egan is a behavioural profiler, coach and facilitator and has spent the majority of her career leading individuals and teams through small and significant change. Carla commenced her business from a genuine passion of wanting to assist leaders successfully navigate their teams through change.

Sharing a range of behavioural patterns, models, business methodologies and effective leadership techniques, Carla has helped transform hundreds of teams:

  • Move from self-preservation and self-interest to teamwork and collaboration
  • From settling for the status quo to raising team standards and seeking better ways
  • From office gossip and bullying to mutual respect and trust
  • From a lack of empathy and avoidance to understanding and accepting responsibility

“I have always believed that the best people want to excel in work which means they also want to hang out with other high performers. Your culture is a business asset that deserves your attention and investment”.

We are passionate about working with leaders and their teams who are committed to building a great business and team. We would be delighted to explore where our range of services and tools can potentially add value to you and your team.



Member of the International Coach Guild


Certified Meta Dynamics™ Coach and Facilitator


Recognised Professional Master Coach


Accredited Practitioner of Extended Disc®


  • Rethink

  • Reinvent

  • Reposition

  • Change!