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I was asked to plan and run a “Careers Day” for the Year 10 students at Lorne P-12 College. Carla offered to become a part of the program and then delivered a superb segment built around teaching the students to identify the strengths required to go into the various vocations. Her manner was extremely professional, yet friendly and relaxed. I was so impressed with her knowledge base and the way she kept a group of students she had never met, quite spellbound. Carla has moved to the Surf Coast and is an invaluable resource for any school or group looking to help provide sound advice and pathways into the workforce.

Tony Speed, Student Manager, Lorne P-12 College

Carla gave an excellent presentation at the recently held Women’s Retreat held at Aireys 8 Coastal Retreat. Carla’s speech on the 6 Core needs provided some excellent responses from the group which were both thought provoking and stimulating. Carla is an outstanding presenter and I would highly recommend her to any group who needs some life coaching skills in that area of their work.

Susan Reilly, Aireys 8 Coastal Retreat, Aireys Inlet

My session with Carla Egan was very empowering. Carla’s approach is very professional and at the same time Carla is caring and has great listening skills. I left the session with appropriate “tools” to put into action which I have done and which are still working well.

Catherine M Brennan, Geelong

I approached Carla because I had some issues in my life that were having a negative impact and were affecting me reaching my full potential. During my coaching sessions with Carla Egan I always felt Carla had my best interest at heart and was very secure in the knowledge that anything I discussed with her was confidential. This allowed me to get the maximum benefit from our sessions and resulted in a great outcome for me. Our sessions have given me a different perspective of myself and others involved in my life both in my business and personal life. Carla Egan was extremely professional in her approach to each of our sessions and before each one she spent time making sure that I was both comfortable and relaxed to get the most from our time. Her friendly disposition was very welcoming and made each session a rewarding experience. I would have no hestitation in recommending Carla as I think her approach and understanding leads to successful outcomes for her clients. She makes you feel comfortable and confident that she will be able to coach you in whatever your goals. During each session her life experience and training are evident in her approach. Because of these skills each session results in maximum outcomes.

Christine Greentree, Wagga Wagga

I approached Carla because I was having problems with time management and because Carla was recommended to my by a family member. Carla helped me by giving me a realistic viewpoint on life, which I could refer to at future times. The result was that I was able to view my time in a different manner and relieve myself of much stress. A couple of things I liked was Carla’s straight forward mode of communication and her affirmative attitude. I found the experience helpful and refreshing. I would recommend Carla to people who enjoy straight forward coach who has the ability to be understanding and direct simultaneously.

Sophie Waters, Ericeira

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions and conversations with Carla. Carla is truly an exceptional professional coach who is authentic and absolutely committed in helping people realise their potential both personally and professionally. Carla introduced me to the “Wheel of Life”, a self-reflection concept which highlights “you’re amazing” and personal development areas. Carla listened, offered such unconditional support along with her unique way of encouraging you to design your personal and professional goals. One of the qualities that I respect most about Carla is she knows when to nurture and when to give tough love. She has an incredible skill of assisting people to get what they want from life.

Belle Leard, Geelong

“Our team recently undertook the eDisc workshop with Carla and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The eDisc Profiling allowed our staff to not only have better understanding of their own behaviour style and the behaviour styles of their client base, but also that of their colleagues. This has assisted with smoother communication within the team and brought us closer together with a better understanding of how to interact with each other on a day to day basis. We are now well equipped to provide our clients with relevant information in the most appropriate format for their needs, thus making their transactions more personal and targeted towards their individual personality rather than a bulk approach. If you are looking for a way to increase team morale and whilst having the opportunity to learn how to offer your clients a higher level of service, then this is for you. I would highly recommend completing the eDisc Workshop with Carla. You will not be disappointed.”

Megan Rovers, Director, Armstrong Real Estate


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